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Leaking Skylight? DC Skylight Repair

While skylights in the suburbs are a new[ish] development (last 20-25 years) skylights in DC have been used for the past 100 years to bring lights to the center of townhouses where side windows aren’t possible or practical.  Often times we see skylights over the staircase and it serves to effectively bring some sunlight to… Read More »

We are taking your questions…

We had a great idea to do a question and answer post.  Any questions you email we will answer here publically.  We will start with a common question below and will add to this each day: 1.  Is a flat roof easier or harder to repair than a standard shingled roof? — Great question.  Every… Read More »

What is the Right Roofing Material- TPO EPDM Metal?

This is certainly a hard question to answer as each house is unique and everyone’s needs vary.  However, for most houses in DC there is a most common answer.  However, before we dive right in we need to take a step back to talk about why. When was the last time you bought some new… Read More »

The Process of Getting a New Roof

Many homeowners are unaware of what is involved in getting a new roof so I thought I would describe the process. For most homes that need a new roof the process starts with the removal of the old roof.  We take everything off down to the base, which is usually plywood.  From there we check… Read More »

DC Roof Repair?

It is an experience most of us dread. You come home and notice something is right.  There is water damage.  Either standing water on your second floor or a water stain on your ceiling.  Not fun.  But, rest assured we can help. Many roofers in DC do a pretty sloppy job.  When dealing with a… Read More »