The Process of Getting a New Roof

DC Flat Roof
DC Flat Roof

Many homeowners are unaware of what is involved in getting a new roof so I thought I would describe the process.

For most homes that need a new roof the process starts with the removal of the old roof.  We take everything off down to the base, which is usually plywood.  From there we check the existing wood to see if any places would benefit from replacement.  If you’ve ever walked across a roof that felt squishy you know why this step is important.

Then we start adding Poly Iso insulation board.  This helps to insulate the roof and add a layer of protection.  As well as lets us add a bit more slope to the roof.  More slope = less leaks and less chance of standing water.

On top of the Poly Iso we place some roofing felt or a suitable alternative depending on the type of roof being added.  This helps to isolate the roof a bit, provide some protection as well as a bit of an air gap for air to circulate (helps on hot summer days).

Next, the new membrane goes on.  Whether TPO, PVC, or EPDM  the process is largely the same.

The other elements of the job aren’t as sexy.  New gutters, new flashing, sealing penetrations, etc.

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