The 4 Things You Need To Know Before Getting An Estimate For A New Roof

In any profession there are good and bad professionals.  Some care most about the bottom line while others really care about their customers and clients.  We try very hard to be in the ladder group (get it, roofing pun) – sorry – later group.

So to help out everyone, even those who aren’t our customers we have compiled a list of the 4 questions you should ask when getting a roofing estimate.

  1. What material do you suggest, and why?
    — You may have an idea of the ideal material but let the contractor explain their choice.  If their choice doesn’t match your ideal material ask they a follow up question.  “Why not use ______?”
  2. If you have to replace plywood sheeting what is the per piece cost of the plywood?
    — This often isn’t detailed on estimates and is one place where contractors sometimes add in some extra profit.  I believe all customers should know potential costs before the project starts.  This simple request may save you some cash…or save you from having a surprise later.
  3. What will be the warranty on the new roof?
    — This is one question most people ask. However, there is an even more important follow-up which is often neglected.  Many roofing materials that we use in Washington, DC have a few versions.  For example TPO comes in 3 standard thicknesses.  Depending on the manufacturer each thickness may have a different warranty.  So it is important to know if there is another option of the same type of roof that may last longer..or an option that may be more cost effective.  An informed buyer is a good buyer.
  4. Are you licensed and insured?
    — There is only one right answer, yes to both.  They should have a valid license to work in DC.  And they should have active policies for general liability insurance as well as workman’s comp insurance.

Hopefully, these simple questions will make getting your new roof a little less stressful.  And if you are in the market for some DC roof repair we have some advice that should help.




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